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Alternative Text Literals

New IBProvider has added the support of UTF16 symbols for alternative text literals. It means that provider will be correctly processing the following query: select _win1251 q’?мама, мама, что я буду делать??’ from rdb$database; I hope that Firebird will be able to process this query in the near future. Note that, you should use […]

Release of ADO.NET Provider v1.27

Hello All. It is a small update of our LCPI ADO.NET provider. We have added the support of latest new IBProvider properties: decfloat16_rules decfloat34_rules int128_rules dbtimestamp_with_tz_rules dbtime_with_tz_rules timezones_source icuin_library icuin_library_64 sql_cache__scope sql_cache__instance_id sql_cache__size sql_cache__time sql_cache__max_len All the changes were made in OleDbConnectionStringBuilder. You can see these changes in the connection configuration of DDEX provider. Data […]

Getting NUMERIC and DECIMAL as text

The new build ( of IBProvider adds the new feature — getting the NUMERIC/DECIMAL values as text. It will help resolve the problems with reading these datatypes through linked server. For example, Firebird (and InterBase) allows to save value 1 into column with datatype NUMERIC(4,4). Yes, it is really possible: When you try to read […]


The following example demonstrates the support of DBTIMESTAMPOFFSET datatype for non-FB4 servers. This simple code connects to FB3 and asks IBProvider to translate ‘2023-08-09 21:53 Europe/Moscow’ string into binary presentation of TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE datatype — DBTIMESTAMPOFFSET. Provider will do it with help ICU library.


Hello All. I think, the development of FB4 TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE support has been arrived a final stage. Provider can process time zone regions itself and through ICU (v63.1). By default, this datatype will be mapped on the text (WSTR) but you can map it on MSSQL datatype DBTIMESTAMPOFFSET, too. For configuring a behavior […]


Hello one more time. As I have said early, MSSQL processes TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE datatype using DBTIMESTAMPOFFSET structure OLE DB. Today I have checked it again. It is so really. By default IBProvider publishes TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE as text but you can change this behavior using dbtimestamp_with_tz_rules property. That I did in this […]

MSBuild and long file path

Hello. If you have a problem with long file path while the compilation of project in Visual Studio, look at this trick that help me from time to time: [System.IO.Path]::GetFullPath(‘…’) converts relative path into absolute and this operation can significantly reduce the final string of file path. Every time when it helps me, I say […]