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Friday news

The load test of IBProvider v5.30 with FB4 lasted more than two weeks and ended today. No problems were detected. Firebird v4.0.3.2950 state. Ok. Let’s start the next tests.

MSSQL For Real Man

When I started adding the support of a new FB4 datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, I did a small test with MSSQL 2008, where this datatype is presented as datetimeoffset: It was a couple months ago. Today it was needed to read these records through MSSQL OLE DB provider (MSOLEDBSQL) to check this data. Provider […]

FB4 and Connection Pool

Hello All. The new example was added at IBProvider website — «Resetting the session settings before reusing a connection (C#, FB4)». This examples demonstrates an implicit usage of the new magic FB4 feature — «ALTER SESSION RESET». It allows to implement the true connection pool at last. Both installers (IBProvider Trial and ADO.NET provider) were […]

The support of DECFLOAT16 and DECFLOAT34 [FB4]

Hello All. The new trial [] provides the support for the new FB4 datatypes — DECFLOAT16 and DECFLOAT34. There is supported simple columns and columns with arrays. Currently, IBProvider maps these types to string datatype (WSTR). I think, in the future the provider will provide other, native ways for work with these datatypes.