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Load test of IBP with FB4

Hello Everyone. I have just gotten the some of results about load test IBP with FB4 those can be analyzed and compared. In short, the situation is the same as for FB3. Test with using built-in Firebird client Test with using fbclient.dll The errors in first case (built-in client) are linked with new unsupported FB4 […]

The support of INT128 [FB4]

Hello All, The new build of IBProvider Trial [42372] provides the completed support of INT128 and NUMERIC that is based on INT128. You can use these types for simple values and, of course, for values with arrays. There were created and passed lots of different tests, so I hope am sure that all is OK. […]

The initial support of FB4

Hello Everyone. The new IBProvider Trial [build 42030] includes the initial support for Firebird v4. The primary limitation: this version is not able to read and write values with new datatypes (INT128, DECFLOATxx, TIME/TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) but you can read the metadata of these things. You can connect to FB4 through fbclient.dll and directly […]