Release of ADO.NET Provider v1.27

Hello All.

It is a small update of our LCPI ADO.NET provider.

We have added the support of latest new IBProvider properties:

  • decfloat16_rules
  • decfloat34_rules
  • int128_rules
  • dbtimestamp_with_tz_rules
  • dbtime_with_tz_rules
  • timezones_source
  • icuin_library
  • icuin_library_64
  • sql_cache__scope
  • sql_cache__instance_id
  • sql_cache__size
  • sql_cache__time
  • sql_cache__max_len

All the changes were made in OleDbConnectionStringBuilder. You can see these changes in the connection configuration of DDEX provider.

Data provider was not changed.

Additionally, ADO.NET provider was tested with FB4. No problems were found, everything works as expected.

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