IBProvider Trial v5.26.0.37386

Hello Everyone.

I would like to say that new IBProvider v5.26 has gone even closer to release.

Current trial is based on a new component infrastructure which resolves a couple of problems.

The first problem was connected with the single-threaded creation and destruction of COM objects. This was a pay for threads within DLL. Now this problem is solved.

The second problem was connected with internal COM objects. They behaved like public COM objects with all the linked costs. Now these objects are detached from public infrastructure and it improves the overall performance of COM server.

Of course, all these improvements won’t provide any visible effects for simple applications. But they are really useful for heavy multithreaded systems like our primary system for load testing. And this system shows that the new provider began to work better.

In any rate, without such changes it is hard to move ahead 🙂

I don’t want to add new seriously changes in these assemblies and really hope that this version will be released as is 🙂

Load tests have already run.

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