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I hate thinking that something wasn’t finished or can be improved. So, I’ve forced myself to do the following things:

1. Some important changes in EFCore provider which were postponed one year ago. These changes connected with local calculation of expressions. Now provider ignores a conversion to System.Object as it has been done in SQL translation since beginning. This real crazy thing has already been released.

2. In IBProvider was improved a management of loaded DLLs. The some of main things:
— In case of ICU libraries IBProvider calls u_init and u_cleanup.
— In case of FB/IB client libraries IBProvider now uses per DLL global locks for attach/detach/create_db/drop_db operations.

These changes will be released later after passing loaded tests.

I thought to add a call of fb_shutdown (for fbclient.dll v3+) but decided put off it. As I’ve already said many times I don’t like such an idea of deinitialization.

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