DLL Hell v2

Hello everyone.

A few years ago we split IBProvider module for sharing a thread manager with our OLE DB connection pool.

Now we did the next step.

The current IBProvider Trial (vc17) now uses two additional libraries:
— lcpi.infrastructure.os.windows.ole32-v01_wXX.dll
— lcpi.infrastructure.os.windows.oleaut32-v01_wXX.dll

These new libraries provide an interface for ole32.dll and oleaut32.dll functions and allow to replace COM API with another implementation. The previous post has already demonstrated this feature.

An alternative COM implementation has already been ready in general. It’s staying to implement the service for accessing an emulation of «Windows Registry». This service for native «Windows Registry» is already provided by lcpi.infrastructure.os.windows.ole32-v01 library.

Of course, «LCPI Services for OLE DB» (vc17) will also be switched to these new libraries.

If you has an interest for internal implementation, you can look at headers files in «c:\Program Files\LCPI\IBProvider.5\cpp\public\source\lcpi\infrastructure\os\». It needs to check and install «Libraries and SDK for C++» in IBProvider’s installer.

I think, we will provide source code of these gateways in the final release to allow a research them.

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